When to wear a tie

Each occasion calls for a particular tie for a particular moment.

For an interview, choose a sober, neutral-coloured tie and keep novelty to a minimum.

For the office, use your creativity to match your tie-wear to the style of the company you work for. In Sales and Creative environments colour comes into play: bright tones for success in sales, violet for advertising and marketing.
In financial or legal environments, prefer elegance and distinction. A subdued silk tie will be well accepted as will a tie that blends subtly with a shirt of the same tone.

For a business meeting, your tie will reflect the image of the company you represent. For meetings in general, your tie will be a reflection of you yourself.

For big family reunions such as marriages, baptisms, communions, anniversaries, etc., there is considerable scope for individualistic colours and patterns. Light colours would be a good choice.

Outside the family circle try to adapt your choice of colour and/or pattern to match the style of your host/hostess. A white tie can be worn with elegance.