Black tie, white tie, pink tie, etc.

Choosing the colour of a tie is always a delicate matter. The colours of the accompanying shirt and suit must be carefully taken into account.

Generally there are two ways of achieving a good effect: either the tie contrasts with the shirt and suit, or it blends softly.

A plain black tie, smart but sober, is particularly associated with a dark suit and a bright white shirt, giving maximum contrast.

White or cream ties are often reserved for special occasions. They blend well with the pure white of a shirt kept for best.

A pink tie goes perfectly with white or pale blue shirts and a grey suit.

The bright colour of a red tie is enhanced when worn against blue, pink, black, or white shirts.

A yellow tie marries well with plain blue or blue-and-white striped shirts: also with a strong nearly marine-blue shirt, and with a pastel-blue shirt. Yellow can brighten up an autumn shade of shirt (chestnut for example) but will not look good with a pink shirt.

Blue ties go perfectly with shirts of the same hue, or lighter. They are also perfect with a white shirt. Remember, the bolder the colour the greater the elegance.

A green tie is not easy to wear. It may go with a red, white, black, or very light-green shirt.