The Bow Tie

Bow ties are available in the same ranges of colours and patterns as the classic tie.
Generally black, a bow tie is worn with black evening dress and a white shirt with a “broken” collar. It can also be worn more casually with a suit and a shirt with a wide-spaced collar.

The Bow Tie:

The Bow Tie
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Tying the Bow Tie:
Step 1: Adjust the tie to have one end lower than the other.
Step 2: Around your neck, lay the longer end over the shorter end.
Step 3: Slide the lower end up and under the bow.
Steps 4 and 5: Make the two butterfly wings by folding the shorter end horizontally.
Step 6: Fold the wider end over the front of the knot being formed.
Step 7: Then hide the longer end under the folded part.
Step 8: Finally, adjust the knot by pulling gently on both bows.

In theory, when finished, the ends of the two bows should align with the pupils of your eyes.

Video of the Bow TieVideo of the Bow Tie

The Bow Tie in a few words:
Names: Bow Tie
Difficulty: ****
Popularity: *****
Morphology: all sizes.
Types of collar: “broken” collars, wide collars, Italian collars.
Types of tie: bow tie.