Tie patterns

Like varieties of colour, patterns are extremely varied.

Even though the exuberance of the 70’s is no longer in fashion, stripes never seem to go out of date. Thin and equally spaced, or alternate wide and thin stripes, appear in all colours. These straight lines harmonise perfectly with plain shirts for men with square shoulders.
Ties with a square pattern also match most shapes of face.

Distinct dots or even circles of dots are always ok.

Subtle patterns on a sober background usually suggest the required colour of the shirt. These patterns are well suited to men who are short or tubby.

More care has to be taken when choosing fancy patterns. Even though flower patterns in pink, blue, or even autumn shades can be particularly flattering against a plain shirt, they can be disastrous if worn with a multi-coloured or patterned shirt. Geometrical patterns are generally easier to wear.

For a perfect match, the patterns should be of the same colour as the shirt or suit.