The tie

Don’t think of a tie as a rope to strangle or hang you. Consider it as a fashion accessory that is a pleasure to wear.

Sure, some knots can be tricky to tie, and they can end up lop-sided, too long, or too short. Unattended, they sometimes seem to have a life of their own.

If you don’t care how you tie your tie, it will tie you in knots. As ties have a natural attraction for ketchup and bourguignon sauce, men whose stomachs take priority tend to leave their ties in the cupboard.

However, the groom, the best man, and any self-respecting guest at a wedding, cannot avoid the challenge of an elegant knot. And much more confidence radiates from a businessman who wears a well-tied WINDSOR.

The elegance of a silk-lined tie tells everyone who you are.

This apparently simple accessory can make the difference between a man of substance and character and a poor guy with nothing much to show for himself.
Men who want to look fashionable take great pleasure in using the extensive range of materials and patterns available. Other men strive for elegance in the many combinations a tie can be made to play with shirts, suits, cuff-links, and breast-pocket handkerchiefs.

Discrete and refined, sober and elegant, flashy and loud, each man clearly indicates his predominant style by what he wears around his neck. A man’s tie mirrors his daily state of mind. Its distinct visibility is for everyone’s eye. A tie can be seductive. Lastly and most importantly, it is a sign of self-respect.